Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more popular as people realize just how impactful a beautiful smile can be for their health and everyday life. As Dr. Marx exclaims, “…Dentistry has truly achieved the ability to transform a smile that has begun to show the effects of time and age, and turn back the hands of time 20 or 30 years, almost instantly.”

Who doesn’t want to turn back time and look 20 years younger? Here are our top two reasons why a cosmetic dentistry dental makeover could be your key to happiness, spirit and confidence.

Fix Harmful & Unpleasant Dental Issues

Whether you have a misaligned bite that causes a bit of pain, or you have crooked teeth, teeth stained from years of indulging in coffee or wine, gaps that you’ve grown to hate, or other dental issues, a dental makeover can eliminate all these things and more. Utilizing cosmetic dental options like veneers, teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridges, or even Invisalign, you can have a customized smile you’ve always wanted, designed just for you.

Restore Your Self-Confidence

At the end of the day, our smile affects so much more than our health. It helps define who we are and it helps generate a sense of self-confidence when you’re able to flash a smile with ease and delight. Hiding your smile means hiding who you are, which has detrimental effects on our self worth over time. Restoring your smile will restore your confidence and allow you to live your very best life.

Let Marx Family Dental Revitalize Your Smile

At Marx Family Dental we have seen firsthand how a refreshed smile can breathe new life and confidence into someone who lost it along the way with an aging or damaged smile. As a highly skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert Marx, D.D.S specializes in crafting personalized treatment plans to help you design the smile of your dreams, so you’re ready to flash your perfect pearly whites 24/7. Call Marx Family Dental today at (816) 203-0497 to schedule an informative consultation and take your first big step towards a whole new you!