Invisalign® is a tooth positioning system that’s virtually unseen, extremely predictable in its results, and easily removable for eating, brushing and flossing. Invisalign usually requires less time than conventional braces, and we can even tell you what you’ll look like at given points during treatment. Our dentists and their professional team are Preferred providers for Invisalign braces in Gladstone, MO.

For over 20 years, Marx Dental has also provided traditional orthodontics, and as a result, can blend both technologies when it’s more efficient and effective. If you have been told that Invisalign will not work for you call us at (816) 452-2000.

Straiten Misaligned Teeth with Invisalign

Fortunately, there is now a way to straighten those teeth back to where nature intended them to be comfortably and conveniently.

Nature wants your teeth to chew as efficiently as possible, and so your muscles program themselves to close together where the greatest number of teeth touch at the same time, because this makes your bite most effective for eating.

Problems arise when this is not where your muscles are most relaxed, and so they struggle to grind away the teeth that are blocking them from a more comfortable “rest position.” Over time, this creates not only prematurely worn or broken teeth, but also tired muscles, frequently clicking and popping in the jaw joints, and sometimes extreme limitations on jaw function.

This condition also causes trauma to the supporting bone and gum tissues, because they are called upon to resist forces on the teeth they are not designed to resist. Sometimes large bone growths, called “tori,” occur around these areas of stress. The bone levels between the teeth may be eroded, and the gums become rounded around the necks of the teeth.

The good news is that all this is fixable, in a way that is comfortable, hygienic, simple, and essentially invisible.

There are a great number of variations with Invisalign, and it all relates to what the treating dentist wants as an endpoint. Once all the x-rays and photos are scanned in with our Itero 3D scanner, they are emailed to Invisalign technicians who work on your individual case. The Itero 3D scanning is high definition and allows the technicians to fabricate their suggestions for final position of the teeth to the dentist, who may accept or modify their suggestions.

The dentists at Marx Dental are one of the most experienced General Dentistry Invisalign offices in Gladstone, MO providing over two decades of orthodontic care. We know what system will work best for you, and we are happy to explain our goals, and the reasons for those goals, in plain English, giving you the time and attention you deserve.

The Real Truth About Creating Smiles

The word “smile” has become almost synonymous with Dentistry, because when most people (including the vast majority of Dentists themselves) think of smiles, they think of teeth. Of bright, radiant, perfectly-aligned teeth, catching the light at just the right angle. The Hollywood Smile. Teeth eternally young and youthful, unblemished by time and unphased by trouble. Carefree. Vibrant. Eternal. Sensuous.

The sad truth is that the back teeth are almost always left out of this vision, when in fact they are the most important part of the formula.

When you close your mouth, your muscles program themselves to close so the greatest number of teeth hit together at the same time, as this helps immensely in chewing food. The problems arise, however, when the teeth are out of ideal alignment, and the muscles have to distort to close the jaw in an unnatural path, bite after bite, meal after meal, day after day, week after week, and year after year.

The muscles only want to relax, to get back to where they are happy, and so they try to grind away the areas of the teeth that are misguiding them. The result is not only abnormal wear, grinding and clenching, and chipped and fractured teeth, but also chronic headaches, TMJ pain, periodontal problems, and upper back pain.

Traditionalists might address these symptoms with a number of “cures” such as night guards, drugs, massages, and exercises. All of these might provide temporary relief, but until the cause is removed, all are merely very costly, and ultimately ineffective false remedies.

At Marx Dental, we look to the genesis of the problems, and treat those first and foremost. Once the teeth fit together as they should, we are ready to proceed with the esthetics. But it cannot be done the other way around, any more than you can paint a room before the sheetrock is up.

Not that we don’t believe in Smile Creation, because we have been doing that comprehensively and with dynamite results for decades, using the finest techniques and materials available. And our results speak for themselves.

We just believe in doing it in the right order, if we are going to get results that look incredible, feel and function well, and that last.

Results that should bring the observer to their knees, not the wearer.