The goal of dentistry is to save natural teeth and replace teeth that cannot be repaired. However, sometimes a person must have some or all of their natural teeth replaced with dentures when they cannot be repaired.

An expertly designed set of dentures is very important. Comfort, appearance, stability, function depend on the quality of the dentures. In our office we have provided hundreds of people with dentures that look, feel and function exceptionally well.

In recent years, advancing science with dental implants has dramatically changed the way dentists replace teeth. A dental implant is a small metallic artificial root that is gently placed in the jaw. After the implant stabilizes, the denture can be connected to the implant using various techniques. The biting pressure rests on the implants, not on the gums under the denture.

Dentures supported or stabilized by implants can feel and function almost exactly like natural teeth. Implants also slow or stop the gradual loss of bone in the jaw that occurs when losing natural teeth. Implants serve as artificial roots, the bone in the jaw remains strong, and prevents rapid shrinkage of the face due to loss of bone.

In the last few years, small implants (small diameter implants), called “mini implants,” have been developed to support dentures. These small implants are extremely economical, easy to place, very comfortable and the denture can be immediately connected to these implants. This is an excellent option if you are looking to improve your current set of dentures.

Our patients who have had implant supported dentures say they have been life changing. We have help many patients who have had their old poorly fitting dentures replaced with well-designed, high quality dentures. Contact our office more information about our denture services and to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists.