Some of the recent reviews left by our patients:

Mary Eisenhower

I found Dr. Marx through his website and the great references I found there.

I have been phobic about dentists since I had a scary one when I was a child, but have done what was necessary to keep my teeth healthy.

My front teeth were cracked to the gums as well as having moved since I had braces years ago.  My goal was to keep my teeth as well as get them straightened back out, which was done beautifully by Dr. Marx.

I had normal preventative work, three crowns and matching veneers.  My teeth now look natural and I am no longer afraid of the dentist, at least not Dr. Marx.

The atmosphere and skills are very reassuring as well as the kindness and positive attitudes shown me by Dr. Marx and his staff.  I was also impressed by the way he genuinely cares about his patients and the overall well-being of the people he treats.

Mary Eisenhower (Granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower)

Ramona Pansegrau

I would like to take this opportunity to speak about Dr. Robert Marx and his dental practice.  I first met Dr. Marx in the worst of circumstances, i.e., I had an abscessed and infected tooth, was in pain, and was absolutely terrified.  I found his practice purely by chance and he took emergency cases and could work me in almost immediately.

From the beginning, his staff was incredibly compassionate and understanding.  I have a terrible fear of dental work, and used to joke that I needed a Valium to make an appointment. but even through my tears, the staff did everything they could to make me comfortable.

Dr. Marx came in and he had such a wonderful manner about him.  He was kind, non-judgmental about my near hysteria, and immediately set about to put me at ease and treat my dental issues.

From my initial meeting, Dr. Marx has helped me to become much less frightened about dental procedures.  His dentistry is nearly painless, I always used nitrous oxide, but have found it unnecessary with him.

I have had root canals, crowns, and even an implant.  Recently, I had some cosmetic dentistry that has made me feel much more confident in my appearance, which is crucial as I am often in very public situations, including television and photo shoots.

Dr. Marx has always taken time with me to explain procedures and even worked around my really bizarre schedule.  I have always felt like I had his undivided attention during my appointments, even though I knew he had a full office of patients.

I heartily recommend Dr. Marx to anyone needing either palliative or cosmetic care.

Ramona Pansegrau, Music Director and Principle Conductor, Kansas City Ballet, Music Director and Conductor, USA International Ballet Competition, Music Director, The Ballet School at Jacob's Pillow


I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Marx and the staff. They have expertly matched shape, color and size for the perfect veneers. They were extremely patient during the process and had my greatest desires in mind to achieve this. I am very impressed by their skill, equipment and talent.


Barbara J.B. Martin

Dr. Marx and his staff are the most excellent group of people I have ever met! Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly, absolutely caring in every aspect of their service. I was a cry-baby and fearful of dentists. Dr. Marx has never once hurt me or caused me to be fearful in any way. I am so very pleased with every step of having my implants and teeth done.

Barbara J.B. Martin


Connie Before After Image - Marx Family Dental

“You provided me with the improved dental appearance without any fears coming to fruition. My “smile” is better than when I was a teenager, as everyone has told me. I get in arguments about my birth date – “you can’t be that old”. Just what a woman loves to hear. Thank you.”



Orthodontics Before After Image Quinn - Marx Family Dental

“After my orthodontic treatment I feel my new confidence has propelled me in my career.”