Why would someone need or desire a smile makeover or a complex rebuilding of their teeth and bite?

Here are some possible examples:

Perhaps a person is not happy with their smile. It is possible they wish their teeth were whiter, brighter, straighter, didn’t have gaps, “didn’t stick out so far”, were longer, shorter, etc.

Perhaps for many reasons a person has put off needed dentistry to the point there are now many dental problems happening at once.

  • Lost fillings or cavities, broken teeth
  • Gum problems
  • Bite is way off
  • Can’t chew well
  • Missing teeth

These are only names of a few of the possible situations. Anyone with any of the above situations could be seeking information on what is available in dentistry to help them achieve what they want: A GOOD LOOKING SMILE AND HEALTHY TEETH THAT CAN LAST THEIR LIFETIME.

Much as a modern architect must plan out a building before work is started, a dentist who has been trained on smile makeovers or complex plans, must gather enough information, work out the best possible plan for that person, and discuss the plan and possible options with the person.

I have the training, experience and interest in handling these types of plans. I would be very happy to sit down with you and discuss your desires and concerns and show you photos of some of the smiles we have helped to brighten.

In our photo gallery and on the following web pages you will see many before and after results of patients I have treated in Gladstone and the surrounding Kansas City area. In addition, I have many patients who travel from outside the Kansas City metropolitan area to take advantage of my training and skills and aesthetically restore one’s mouth to a better condition.