I was born and raised in Rolla, Missouri, and graduated from Rolla High School in 2002. Growing up, I always loved the outdoors and looked forward to family camping, canoeing, and fishing trips, but also spent plenty of time studying, playing video games, and for a few years, was quite into playing paintball. Free time was spent mixed between various hobbies, but I have always had a love of art with an emphasis on drawing and illustration. The artistic aspect of dentistry was and is a major factor to my interest in the field. Taking something that needs restoration and recreating (or even improving upon) it in exacting detail is something I love about my profession.

My academic background includes a degree in Biology from the University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology), a chemistry degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in 2015.

Following dental school, I initially spent time in public health at Swope Health Services in Kansas City. That experience was rewarding in many ways, but after nearly five years I left that position and transitioned to a role as a primary clinician in a corporate dental office. That opportunity allowed me to improve on clinical skills that were not used as much in my prior position, and gave exposure to current, cutting-edge technologies and techniques in dentistry, but I began to desire a better work and life balance after about a year in that role.

I happened to look for new positions at a time when Marx Family Dental was suddenly in great need of an associate doctor and was lucky enough to find myself soon working in a well-run, highly regarded, top-notch dental office that has offered a fantastic balance of rewarding, productive work while still allowing for great work-life balance.

In my free time I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my other half, Kathleen. We love to hike, bike and kayak, and a lot our weekends and vacations involve trips and excursions to do so. When we’re not out adventuring, we enjoy card, board, and video game nights with friends, hanging out at home and binging streaming shows if the weather won’t permit much else, and visiting our families down in the Rolla – St. James region of Missouri as much as we can.

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