As a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities and at times that can feel overwhelming! But at Marx Family Dental, we’re here to support you in some of the most important foundational times in your child’s life. From the moment that first tooth pops through, you want to ensure that your child understands the importance of good oral hygiene. Make it fun for them, and they’ll rock pearly whites for the rest of their lives. Here are our favorite tips we share with patients of our family dental office in Gladstone:

Offer Incentives
We all know a itty bitty bribe can go a long way. Make a calendar and every time they brush their teeth or floss they get a cool sticker to put on their calendar.

Let Them Pick a Toothbrush
When you’re at the grocery store, let them pick a soft bristled brush that draws them in or toothpaste with a flavor like bubble gum that sounds like a treat. This way, they’ll want to use it!

Use Kid-Friendly Oral Care Products
Did you know they make singing toothbrushes? There are so many products out there that sport their favorite TV show character or have a special feature that make oral hygiene fun. Search Amazon or ask your family dentist for some suggestions during your next visit.

Lead by Example
Kids want to mirror their parents actions. Brush your teeth together in the morning and the evening so they can be just like you!

Bring Them to a Family Dentist Near You
One of the biggest reasons kids don’t practice good oral hygiene is because of negative experiences at the dentist. So bring them to a fun family dentist like Marx Family Dental! At family dental offices the team’s are trained and skilled in making dentistry and oral health a good time with happy memories. That way your kiddo is set for life!

Start Your Child’s Oral Health Journey Off Right with Marx Family Dental Today!

Let’s make sure your child starts healthy oral hygiene habits early in life, together! We recommend dental appointments for little ones as soon as that first tooth pops through. Simply call 816-203-0497 to schedule appointments for your entire family, our team will be happy to take care of you!