Every first in life is scary, no matter how old you are! And for little ones hopping into the dentist chair for the first time it can be frightening. If your child’s first dental experience isn’t a good one, it can be something they carry with them for the rest of their lives, leading to life-long dental anxiety. It’s our goal at Marx Family Dental to keep that from happening and provide a compassionate, safe environment where your child feels comfortable.

Why Children Experience Dental Anxiety

Just as adults experience anxiety for different reasons, kids do too! Whether it’s the fear of the unknown, feeling like they don’t have control in the situation, feeling a little scared by the tools in the room—the list goes on. But one thing we can do is get to the root of that fear and give your child answers to help ease their fear and give them control over their situation. Which leads us to all the things we can do as a family dentist in Gladstone, MO to help your child!

How Marx Family Dental Can Help Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Whether the dental anxiety is something your child is already experiencing, or you want to get them started young in a welcoming, compassionate practice to avoid any future dental anxiety, our team is ready to assist! A few ways we ensure your child is safe, secure, and feels comfortable are:

  • We make it FUN! Nothing too serious – we laugh, we tell stories, we make jokes—our staff is trained on how to deal with children as a family dental practice, and this makes all the difference.
  • We ensure they’re comfortable. We ask all the questions, and answer with simple words. This way they don’t feel overwhelmed, but instead feel safe and in the know.
  • We explain what’s going on and what they can anticipate in terms of all the senses—smell, taste, touch, and sounds—so nothing comes as a surprise and spooks them.
  • We make sure they feel good about their visit and we also let them know when they’re doing a great job with lots of smiles, praise, and positive reinforcement!
  • We show them the tools if they’re getting a little anxious and we will show them how they will work so they feel in control.

These are just a few of the methods our dentists and team use to make sure your child is comfortable in the dental chair. We can tweak and add techniques as needed to address specific concerns for each child as every situation and personality is unique—that’s what makes each kiddo who comes through the door so special!

Let Marx Family Dental Become a Part of the Family

We can’t wait to meet you and your family at Marx Family Dental. As a family dentist we care for dental health in all ages, so start your child’s dental care now and we’ll be there with them as they grow up, ensuring tip-top health for years to come. Call Marx Family Dental today at (816) 203-0497 to schedule your child’s dental appointment with our compassionate team, and we assure you that we can help rid your child of dental anxiety for life!