Going to the dentist regularly is crucial to maintaining good oral hygiene, not just when you have a problem, and finding the best clinic near you can be hard sometimes. So we’ve put together some tips to help you with your search.

Check Patient Reviews

The dental office reviews allow you to get an inside look at how a dental clinic operates. Based on these reviews, you can get a picture of what type of a dentist they are and how they treat their patients. Check out Marx Family Dental reviews here!

Education and Experience

Being nervous about going to the dentist is common. When finding a dentist, look for someone who has the proper education and experience to put you at ease. Someone with training and experience will have techniques they can use to help keep you relaxed during your visit.At Marx Family Dental we have a talented father-daughter duo on our team. Dr. Robert Marx, DDS, has been practicing dentistry since graduating from the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry in 1977. His daughter, Dr. Emily Marx, DDS, followed in his footsteps by graduating from the same school in 2014. Both dentists believe in continuing education and are committed to learning the many facets of dentistry.

Location and Hours

Convenience in location is essential when choosing the right dental clinic. Look for somewhere near your home, work, or child’s school. Finding an accessible dentist whose hours work with your schedule will make it easier to schedule your appointment.

Full Range Services

Before you choose a clinic, ensure that they offer comprehensive services. Having a dental clinic that provides a full range of services will allow you to stay with a dentist you know and trust. Otherwise, you may need to be referred to a different dentist if something arises.

Choose Marx Family Dental as Your Dental Clinic

At Marx Family Dental, we are here to help you. Our mission is to provide you with excellent service, empathy, and understanding. We make every effort to treat our patients with kindness, care, and respect! Schedule your appointment here.