Mary Eisenhower

I found Dr. Marx through his website and the great references I found there.

I have been phobic about dentists since I had a scary one when I was a child, but have done what was necessary to keep my teeth healthy.

My front teeth were cracked to the gums as well as having moved since I had braces years ago.  My goal was to keep my teeth as well as get them straightened back out, which was done beautifully by Dr. Marx.

I had normal preventative work, three crowns and matching veneers.  My teeth now look natural and I am no longer afraid of the dentist, at least not Dr. Marx.

The atmosphere and skills are very reassuring as well as the kindness and positive attitudes shown me by Dr. Marx and his staff.  I was also impressed by the way he genuinely cares about his patients and the overall well-being of the people he treats.

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