How Summer Affects Your Teeth

How Summer Affects Your Teeth - Marx Family Dental

Everyone looks forward to the coming of summer – children love it because they don’t have to go to school. Parents love it because there’s plenty of opportunities to relax, and bacteria loves it because the summer offers plenty of chances for it to take hold in your mouth.

It’s true. Our dentists in Gladstone want to remind patients in the area and around the world about some of the threats that arise for teeth in the summer – you might be surprised by how often your teeth are assaulted.


While swimming is great for your cardiovascular health, doing laps in the pool can be a bit of a problem for your teeth. Too much time in the pool can lead to a yellow – or even brown – tint to your teeth, that may require cleaning to get rid of. This comes from the high ph your teeth encounter in the pool. To avoid it, you can try brushing with an electronic toothbrush to make sure your teeth get a thorough cleaning. On top of this, if your teeth are weakened – you may need a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.


Hydration is key for more than just feeling alert and staying alive! It also plays a pivotal role in your dental health as well. Saliva flow is incredibly important when it comes to protecting your teeth. It washes away potentially harmful substances and helps prevent tooth decay. But when you’re dehydrated – saliva flow is inhibited. This happens a lot in the summer – so be extra sure to drink plenty of water – your teeth will thank you.

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