If a person is missing a tooth in the front or back of the mouth a number of changes will occur (all bad) if that tooth is not replaced. The problems are:

  • The teeth next to the missing tooth tend to tip over (like the Titanic going down)
  • The tooth above or below the missing tooth that used to have a tooth to bite against now begins to move into the missing space
  • Gaps begin to open between the teeth near the missing tooth
  • Food trapping decay, periodontal disease, bad breath all follow in the wake of this missing tooth

Some of the options available today to replace a missing tooth are:

  • A bridge (a not removable tooth replacement)
  • An implant
  • A partial denture, a removable tooth replacement

Gladstone Dental Bridges

What is a Dental Bridge?

A replacement for one or more missing teeth that is fixed in place and not removable. The bridge can be made to look and feel like a tooth was never lost, it functions like a tooth and is extremely durable. A bridge is a good word for these dental appliances because not unlike a bridge crossing over a river by resting on 2 banks, the dental bridge is fitted to the tooth on either side of the missing tooth. These anchors teeth are slightly shaped to allow a crown to be placed over them. These two crowns are joined by a middle tooth which will replace the missing tooth. When the bridge is bonded or cemented into place the replacement tooth has the good looks and strength of the original tooth. I have placed hundreds of bridges in my career and people have found them comfortable, very functional, very natural and aesthetic looking, to the point that they often forget that it is not their natural tooth. If you are missing a tooth you should look into having that tooth replaced and perhaps a bridge would be one of the best choices.

Gladstone Dental Bridges

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