A dental makeover can completely reinvent your smile, making you feel more confident and content in your appearance. A dental makeover is simply the process of improving the appearance of your teeth and smile through cosmetic dentistry. Patients with damaged teeth or missing teeth benefit most from dental makeovers, where they can see their entire smile transformed through dental implants.At Marx Family Dental, we offer a number of treatments to create the most attractive smile for you. Our treatments focus on giving patients a more comfortable, attractive and youthful smile, leaving you feeling better than ever about your teeth.These treatments include:


Dental Implants

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. Oftentimes, missing teeth can be challenging to our self-esteem and a clear obstacle to having a beautiful smile. Our Gladstone implant dentistry team can show you how dental implants can solve this problem permanently. Filling the space where your tooth once was is vitally important for maintaining optimum gum health and protecting against bone loss in the jaw bone. Not only this, but dental implants in place of missing teeth saves the patient from developing an unhealthy bite from the teeth shifting out of place.We offer different types of dental implants including All-on-Four Dental Implants, Mini Dental Implants and Teeth in a Day.Our dental implant team will guide you through the entire process to understand what type will work best for you, your smile and dental health. 


Teeth Replacement (Removal and Non-Removal Solutions)

From dental bridges to dentures, we have a range of solutions available to replace missing or damaged teeth. The goal of dentistry is to save natural teeth and replace teeth that can no longer be repaired. In cases when all teeth cannot be repaired, we recommend dentures to patients.Our dentures are expertly designed with your comfort, appearance, function and stability all in mind. Due to the high-level support and stability, dentures can both feel and function exactly like natural teeth, with the added benefit of a beautiful smile.In the case when one or more teeth are missing or damaged, we recommend a dental bridge or partial denture to patients. A dental bridge is a replacement for teeth that is fixed in place and not removable. Dental bridges are extremely durable and stable, making it feel as though a tooth was never lost. A partial denture or dental bridge can save the patient problems that occur when a missing tooth is not replaced; these include teeth tipping over, a misaligned bite, gaps in the teeth or gum disease and decay.Dr. Marx, his associates and well-trained staff have successfully guided many patients through a complete dental makeover. At Marx Family Dental, we’re proud to say that we have given countless patients renewed confidence in their appearance through the help of our dental makeovers. With the power and technology of dentures, dental implants and more, you can restore a beautiful smile that you may not have thought you could have again!Interested in learning more about a dental makeover? Contact us for a consultation!